Leaving your precious angel in the hands of a babysitter while you are at work or out for an event could be apprehensive. Trusting someone to take care of your child is not that simple and easy. Yet, there are still caring, loving, and reliable babysitters out there who can have your full confidence. Consider the following things when hiring a babysitter:

 1. Decide What Best Suit Your Needs

Before getting into the hiring process, decide what your family needs. Is an au pair right for you? Do you need a babysitter living-in or living-out? List down the qualities or characteristics you want your babysitter to have. With this, you can form a precise job description which you can use during contract making.

2. Consider All Your Available Networks

Take recommendations from friends, neighbours, and colleagues. Consider also agencies with a solid reputation. Reputable agencies do all the careful and critical examination and background check of the candidates for you. You can also join online networks such as Sitters, Childcare, and Yoopies when looking for babysitters. They provide access to their references and background checks.

3. Interview Thoroughly Candidates

When you have chosen your top candidates, invite them to your house for an in-person interview. Ask them specific questions about their previous experiences, child care philosophies, and basic baby care. It’s also worth knowing how they plan to interact with your child. Any knowledge of safety measures and first aid is also an advantage

4. Do Background Check

If you are hiring from a reputable agency, they will run the background check of the candidate for you. If you are not using an agency, you nned to make sure that your top candidate is legally able to work in your country. You could end up losing your new astell & kern headphones if you aren’t careful.

 5. Check References Given

To validate what you’ve observed during the interview, be smart in checking references.  Contact your top candidate’s previous employer and ask thorough and open-minded questions such as their strengths and weaknesses, work ethics, and personality quirks.You will also want to make sure that your babysitter has a had a CRB check. If you are a babysitter you can go to CRB Direct and get yourself a check. This will give parents peace of mind and increase your chances of employment!

 6. Write a Contract of Employment

Settle on a written agreement to govern the relationship and terms between you and your babysitter. This is a critical document which includes basic components such as salary, insurance coverage, job requirements, job hours, expectations, commitments on the part of the babysitter, and other set rules such as termination procedures, policies, and restrictions.

 7. Introduce the Babysitter to Your Children

Schedule a meet and greet with your children and your top babysitter candidate. Observe how everyone interacts with each other and see if the relationship seems comfortable. Also show them all your great baby stuff which you found at Once a Baby!

Building a trusting relationship between you and your babysitter takes time. By following these guidelines, you lower your risks of hiring someone who’s not fit to take care of your precious little ones.