Tenants love landlords who diligently maintain their rental properties. Here are some tips from our friends Harding Mortgages on how to get started.

  1. Always keep the wooden exterior of your rental property painted. Not painting these areas will hasten the wood’s deterioration which is quite costly to repair.
  2. Keep your gutters clean. Leaves and debris can clog up your gutter, causing water overflow that could penetrate into your home. Water damage is costly to repair. Adding extenders to your downspouts is also a good way to keep your gutters from emptying next to your home’s foundation.
  3. Routinely inspect trees around your property for dead limbs that may fall down. Also, keep your eyes open for any trees with rotted bases. They must be removed before they fall on your rental property. Fallen trees and dead limbs not only damage your property, but they can also become a liability issue if they injure or kill someone.
  4. Check your roof for damages or missing shingles — especially after high winds and strong storms. Damaged roofs let water in, causing water damage to the interior of your rental property. Dampness promotes mould growth behind your drywall or inside your attic. Mould problem is serious and is quite costly to correct.
  5. Clean and inspect your heating and air conditioning systems annually for safety reasons. Also, don’t forget to replace filters once a month. This simple maintenance tip can keep your system running smoothly. Also, make sure to keep stuff and vegetation away from your exterior AC unit to keep airflow open. Usually, maintaining the AC system of your rental property is the tenant’s responsibility so, don’t forget to make this part of the discussion when the lease contract is signed.
  6. The dirt around your foundation should slope away from it, not towards it. If necessary, add a dirt backfill around your property’s foundation to make sure that the water is draining correctly. Water draining into your foundation may penetrate into your basement or crawl space, causing damage.
  7. Seal gaps on windows and doors with a weather-proof sealant to keep water and moisture in check. Water intrusion can cause serious and costly damage to your rental property. It also helps you save energy by keeping heat loss to a minimum.
  8. If your rental property has a fireplace that burns wood, make sure to have the chimney cleaned and inspected annually. Chimney fire caused by the buildup of creosote can put your entire property at risk.
  9. If your rental home has a crawl space, enter and check this area regularly. Inspect the walls and plumbing for any sign of leaking. If you find any standing water in your crawl space, do not enter it. Instead, call a professional contractor to figure out the problem. Most houses have exposed electrical wirings inside crawl spaces putting you at risk of electrocution.

Take the time regularly inspect and maintain your rental property. Not only this saves you a lot of money on repairs but also keeps your tenants happy — making them stay longer.