As children, almost all of us had a special box or space to store our childhood treasures. Little girls would store dolls, dresses, ribbons, and hairpins, while boys stored baseball caps, balls, action figures, and sweets. Since we were young, saving all our favourite things has always been a habit. As adults, why should that be any different?

Making a jewellery box for you to save and store all your ornaments can be a delightful task. After all, if we stored our treasures as children, why not continue the same trend as adults. Storage, security, and taking care of our belongings has always been an essential aspect of owning expensive things.

Boxes with designs, compartments, and small spaces are just some of the things that you can build and keep redoing. Today, we will start with the basics of making a jewellery box.

All you will need are the materials listed below, and you can make your jewelry box.

Hollowed book box:

A secret jewellery box made from an old box is sure to be reminiscent of our childhood memories, and make a great home for patterned wedding rings

  •   Materials and tools required:

Hardbound book, paintbrush, craft knife, mod podge gloss, acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, drawings/ designs, scissors, ruler, pencils, strong glue, and four wooden beads.

  •   Method:
  1. Paint the outside pages and stick them together with mod podge. Once dry, create a niche in the book approximately 1” from each side. Cut till even thickness and remove the pages. Cut through carefully and remove the pages as required, without adding stress to your hands.
  2. Paint the inside edges and the bottom with mod podge and let dry.
  3. Once done, paint the inside and outside of the new jewellery box with any acrylic paint of your choice.
  4. Decorate the cover with images, cutouts, scrap papers, or drawings of your choice.
  5. Once done, coat the entire art layer with mod podge.
  6. Glue the four wooden beads to each corner on the bottom face of the book. This will serve as a stand for your jewellery box.

A jewellery box from toothpaste cover:

Reuse regular boxes like toothpaste boxes to make small jewellery boxes for everyday use with this method. If you have larger covers or boxes, merely scale the measurements up.

  •   Materials and tools required:

Decorative papers, scissors, two boxes of the same size, acrylic paint, plastic wire, beads for decorations, glue/gum, packing tape, paintbrush, pen and pencils, adhesive, and ruler

  •   Method:
  1. Take any one toothpaste box and cut into an equal number of smaller boxes so that these boxes line up neatly inside the remaining toothpaste box.
  2. Colour these small boxes with acrylic paints of your choice – gold and silver are lovely colour choices for adults.
  3. Cut the remaining box to flip open with a lid. Paint the spare toothpaste box white from the inside.
  4. Take the decorative paper and cover the entire toothpaste box from the outside.
  5. Open the box and apply adhesive in the tray of the box and stick the small coloured boxes inside to make compartments. Let dry completely.
  6. Add a gold bead to the lower part of the box and attach a small plastic wire to the top inner portion using tape. Once done, you can seal it off with white paper.

Shoe Box to Jewellery Box:

This is probably one of the easiest and simplest boxes to make. You can make this within 30 mins, and if you want multiples, you can stack them one on top of the other.

  •   Materials and tools required:

Old shoe box in excellent condition, pencils, pens, ruler, colourful paper, knife, glue, stiff cardboard paper for separators, acrylic paint, paintbrush.

  •   Method:
  1. Reinforce the inside of the box by gluing it with stiff cardboard paper.
  2. Paint the inside of the box according to your specifications. Make markers to measure the spaces you would like to have for separate jewellery containers.
  3. Cover the outside of the box with decorative paper. Cover the inside and out of the lid as well.
  4. Cut separators according to your measurements, cover with decorative paper, or paint, and then place them according to the markings on the inside of the box.
  5. Close the lid on the box to have your jewellery box ready.

There are several creative and unique options to make your jewellery boxes. Unique boxes should reflect the nature and cost of your jewellery and should look good on your dressing table or the inside of your cupboard. In case you are traveling and need to carry your jewellery box, secure it with added cardboard on the inside to make it travel-worthy. You could also use it to store medications such as sleeping pills.