In need of home crafts and arts for the Christmas season? You do not have to worry! Here are three crafts with the steps to follow.

Snow Flakes

  • Trace a circle on a white construction paper
  • Cut out the circle
  • Fold the circle in half 3 times
  • Draw shapes from the edges with a pencil
  • Use scissors to cut along the designs

Cotton Ball Snowman

  • Make three circles for the outline of your snow man. Fill in each circle with glue completely
  • Stick cotton balls in the glue circles to form your snowman
  • Use chopsticks, small tongs, or tweezers to pick up and place the cotton balls
  • Be creative and give your snow man a face and accessories

Cards for friends and family

  • Fold a piece of construction paper in half and decorate.
  • Write your message in pencil and have your child trace
  • Attach a picture of the friend or family member
  • Use holiday inspired stencils and have your child trace onto the card