Small changes can make a huge difference in kitchen design. If you want to update your kitchen, but don’t have the budget to install a completely new kitchen, then you need to make some clever design choices. Sometimes it can be as simple as removing clutter or painting a wall, and sometimes it can mean completely replacing your kitchen units. This is something that only you will know by looking at your space.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of small changes you can make to give your kitchen a fresh new feel.

Choose a Featured WallIf your kitchen is a neutral colour, like magnolia or cream, then you could make a huge difference with a featured wall. Whether you go for a solid block colour or a patterned design, the juxtaposing colours will add liveliness and character to your kitchen. Remember that a featured wall will become the focal point of the room, so you need to decide carefully which wall to use. Ideally, the wall shouldn’t be interrupted by windows or doors.

Add an Eating Area: Kitchens are often designed for their functionality and not for relaxing or eating, which can make the room feel lifeless. There are loads of ways to create space without having a table and chairs. For example, having a diner-style wall-mounted table will save space and invite your family or housemates to enjoy the room with you.

Bold Lighting Choices: Choose a striking light fitting – like a chandelier, industrial-lights or a vintage light – to create a focal point for your kitchen.

Geometric Tiles: In modern designs, geometric tiles are a fantastic way to bring colour and fluidity into your kitchen. They can be used on almost any surface of the kitchen – walls, floors, splashbacks, countertops – to give the room a unique flow. In order to get the best effect, make sure that they are used sparingly and not on every surface, as this will make the design too busy.

Use Striking Patterns: Used in the same way as geometric tiles, striking patterns are a great way to create a feature out of one of your kitchen’s surfaces. The best place to use them is on a wall or splashback – using them on the countertops or units can create a busy design.

Use Two Different Bold Colours For Your Units: Traditionally, kitchen units are all one colour. This creates a consistent and clean design, but you can break the norm and use two different colours. The most effective way to do this is to choose one light colour for your top units and a darker colour for your floor units.

Choose A Featured Splashback: In the past, kitchen splashbacks were purely functional – used to protect the area around your hob – but now they have become an important feature of kitchen design. You can choose from multiple different materials and designs to create a striking feature. Recently, plastic splashbacks have become popular due to their versatility and durability. You can buy kitchen splashbacks online, conveniently cut to size to fit your kitchen.

Feature Ceiling : The ceiling is often the most neglected surface of a kitchen. It’s not like people are going to be looking up when they walk through the door, right? In fact, a well-designed ceiling can really bring a room to life. Use a dark colour to create a cosy feel or a light patterned colour to reflect light and bring attention to space in the room.

Use Artwork: With space at a premium in kitchen design, artwork is often an overlooked option. Like in any room, a well-chosen piece of artwork could make or break a design and really give your kitchen a unique identity, Katie from agreed.

Hide Your Clutter: Clutter is the enemy of design. Think of ways to remove the clutter in your kitchen. This often involves finding storage spaces for small appliances and generally having a clear out of utensils you don’t use.

Use Exposed Copper: Exposed copper piping or lighting fixtures is a really powerful way of giving your design an industrial feel. It works best against dark granite or wood and can either be polished regularly or left alone to give a more subtle effect.

Install New Countertops: While it’s not the cheapest option, installing new countertops can immediately change the feel of your kitchen. Alternatively, if you like your countertops but they are tired, you could have them professionally cleaned or sanded down and recoated.

Install New Faucets: It’s amazing how new faucets can update your kitchen dramatically. Of course, you have to pick faucets consistent with your design. There are hundreds of options now that can not only improve the design but make your kitchen much more functional. You should try to match your new taps with your home appliances, like your oven, pressure cooker, electric smoker, even the induction unit!