Participating and making home crafts and arts has been an output of creativity, bond, and fun, it has a wonderful benefit to the children. Little did we know but, home craft and arts contribute developmental benefits, the five developmental benefits of art and crafts to the children are:

Bilateral coordination. Arts and craft require the use of both hands together, this skill can be used in other areas of our lives, such as writing, typing and tying the shoe lace.

Fine motor coordination. To cut patterns, draw shapes, it requires the fine motor coordination. This skill can be translated to dressing and eating.

Self-regulation. Crafts need a lot of patience. This can teach your child to demonstrate self-control and patience, it promotes flexibility and exploration with one’s creativity.

Self-esteem booster. Children can find the crafts challenging, yet choose arts and crafts that are at their skill level. A sense of accomplishment and pride as the child finishes the craft. Add more and more challenges as your child continues to excel.

Bonding and fun. Your children will love to spend time with you and create different home crafts together.


Image credits: home craft ideas